European origin
and prices

Our guideline is European prices for a European product. And we are doing everything to follow this guideline. We bring rare beautiful items for interior and exterior decoration. We find amazing gifts for adults and children that combine aesthetics and functionality. At the same time, we try to keep prices at the European level, and often even lower them.

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Single non-mass

We can find and very carefully select unique fresh collections of the best manufactories in the world. And our own logistics center and optimization of import processes allow us to form the best prices for our customers.

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In 1997, the first Je t`aime salon was opened in Vinnitsa. From this moment we began a new era in floristry in the Ukrainian market. From a small store, we evolved into a gift gallery for the home and for the people we love. Filled with interior items from world famous brands and all kinds of decor.

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Je t`aime gift gallery contains over 50 thousand items! Such a wide range of products allows us to provide a worthy choice to anyone, even the most demanding customer, and to please a person who has everything.
Je t`aime - valuable gifts for valuable people!

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floral masterpieces!


Free caring
express flower delivery in Vinnitsa!


Photo of a bouquet in
front of sending!


French branded gifts
in addition to colors!

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